Porsche and Ferrari Logo Similarities

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Porsche Emblem Crest Logo

If you’ve ever examined the Porsche and Ferrari logos side-by-side, you might have noticed that they both feature a prancing horse. But what is the Porsche symbol, and why does it share some similarities with the Ferrari logo? As it happens, both share some common roots, although the Porsche brand is German and the Ferrari brand is Italian. We’ve got all the details on the history of the Porsche logo vs. Ferrari logo, so read on if you’re interested! Then check out some more interesting Porsche research and information on our website.

The Porsche and Ferrari Prancing Horse Logos

Both the Porsche and Ferrari logo feature a prancing horse, a symbol which originated in the former state of Weimer, Germany. The prancing horse was the coat of arms of Stuttgart (today known as Baden-Württemberg), the capital of Weimar, Germany. Both Porsche and Ferrari have connections, though unrelated, to Stuttgart. Let’s take a look at each brand’s connection.

What is the Porsche Logo?

The Porsche logo is much closer to the original coat of arms of Weimar, Germany than the Ferrari logo. Since Stuttgart no longer exists, the Porsche logo is the only remaining instance of this coat of arms. If you look closely, you can see the word “Stuttgart” above the prancing horse in the Porsche coat of arms. the Porsche logo includes the black horse because Stuttgart was a horse-breeding area at the time of the company’s founding. The horse on the logo further honors Porsche’s homeland and represents the power of a Porsche. The red and black color scheme represents the German state of Württemberg where Stuttgart was located.

What is the Ferrari Logo?

With the Ferrari prancing horse logo, the origins are not quite as straightforward as the Porsche coat of arms. The first instance of the Ferrari prancing horse can be traced to World War I fighter pilot Francesco Baracca, who used the logo on the side of his plane. Later, in 1923, Ferrari’s founder Enzo Ferrari met Countess Paolina of Ravenna, Baracca’s mother, at the Savio racetrack. She encouraged him to add the prancing horse logo to his vehicles, telling him that it would bring him good luck.

The first recognizable iteration of the Ferrari logo, with the iconic yellow shield, appeared in 1932 on the Ferrari Alfa Romeo. Over time, it gradually developed into the modern logo that you see on Ferrari vehicles today.

Porsche Logo History

As mentioned, the Porsche logo history is tightly connected to the company’s home in the former city of Stuttgart. However, the first version of the Porsche emblem didn’t feature a horse. Designed in 1922, it had two deer with large antlers flanking the crest. It was exactly like the Württemberg crest. The horse and the word “Stuttgart” appeared on a 1939 update of the Porsche emblem. A 1952 Porsche emblem update turned the yellow portions of the crest gold to indicate Porsche’s exclusivity.

Porsche or Ferrari: Which Do You Prefer?

Now that we’ve had a chance to dive into the history of the Porsche logo vs. Ferrari logo, you might be interested in checking out our inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles. You can feel free to contact our office near with any questions or more information about our services!


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