How Does Porsche InnoDrive Work?

December 9th, 2021 by
Porsche InnoDrive including adaptive cruise control

When you’re heading out on streets, there are many innovative features along for the ride in a Porsche, namely Porsche InnoDrive system. This system works in tandem with the Porsche Adaptive Cruise Control to let you have a more efficient, safe, and more comfortable driving experience. Debuting on the 2018 Porsche Panamera and found in models like the Porsche Cayenne or Porsche Taycan, Porsche InnoDrive helps drivers find improved control on their daily commutes. Read on with Porsche Mechanicsburg to learn how to use Porsche InnoDrive on Mechanicsburg roads. 

How Porsche InnoDrive Functions 

As you’re on the road, your vehicle’s radar and video sensors use high-resolution navigation data and information, and the Porsche InnoDrive system then determines topographical road features and speed limits before you reach them. Once the system has predicted the route features such as gradients or corner radii, it can intuitively modify the speed and gearshift strategy for a smooth and efficient ride. 

If you’re wondering about how to use Porsche InnoDrive in your vehicle, it’s as simple as pressing the button on the lever to the left side of your steering wheel, and selecting Porsche InnoDrive or Porsche Adaptive Cruise Control from the driver instrument cluster screen. 

What are the Advantages of Porsche InnoDrive?

Think of Porsche InnoDrive as a second pair of eyes that can see up to 1.8 miles ahead, and using that knowledge it can: 

  • Optimize acceleration and deceleration, as well as maintain speed for a smoother ride on your drives
  • Increase fuel efficiency by maximizing vehicle performance 
  • Bring peace of mind to your commute by easing the difficulty of navigating traffic jams

Porsche InnoDrive: Traffic Jam Assist

One of the impressive capabilities of Porsche InnoDrive with Porsche Adaptive Cruise Control is its ability to help you through traffic jams around . This feature is activated at speeds up to 37 mph and gives you peace of mind on you daily commute by: 

  • Keeping your vehicle centered in the lane through gentle steering inputs
  • Regulating the distance from vehicles behind and in front of you
  • Following the queue when system limitations allow

Porsche InnoDrive: Driver Override

While these innovative features are meant to light the load on your daily commute, the system is also subject to limitations that require the driver to be paying attention and ready to intervene if need be. It was mentioned above that how to use Porsche InnoDrive is as simple as a push of a button, but it’s also important to know that the system can be deactivated by simply pressing the brake or accelerator.

Explore Innovative Porsche Features with Porsche Mechanicsburg!

As you can see, Porsche InnoDrive brings ease to the busy streets of . Contact us at Porsche Mechanicsburg to test drive Porsche models that have Porsche InnoDrive, like the Taycan or Cayenne. Then, take a closer look at the wide range of capabilities found in the Porsche Cayenne interior or Porsche Taycan interior


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